Venison Meat

Venison Meat


Free range – Non intensively farmed
(Packed in 1 kg tubs)

Very lean and lower in fat – total of 3grams of total fat More protein than any other red meat – which are necessary to build strong bones and muscles. Rich in Iron (more so than beef) which prevents anaemia and good for energy levels also important for oxygen transport throughout the body.

Full of B Vitamins B2 (riboflavin) B3 (niacin) B6 and B12 – B Vitamins help break down protein, carbs and for energy and also assist with red blood cell formation

Omega 3 which are essential for brain development and function. High amounts of protein and no carbohydrates. Has high levels of Amino acids, phosphorous, Selenium, Zinc and Copper.

  • Free ranged and human grade.
  • One of the highest protein muscle meat sources with minimal fat content.
  • Very high in Omega 3.
  • Our venison is not pet grade, or condemned product. It is ethically sourced human grade quality. This is why dogs thrive on it!