Our Quality Difference

Hygiene, consistency and premium quality produce is the cornerstone of our success and our main ingredient is honesty! In a market place saturated with marketing and advertising people can easily be fooled into buying the wrong food for their pets. We specialise in novel proteins such as Venison, Australian Bush Goat, Mutton Bird, Water Buffalo, and free ranged Lamb and Turkey.

  • We inspect every batch.
  • No preservatives.
  • No fillers.
  • No added chemicals.
  • FREE RANGED Water Buffalo.
  • Sourced from grass fed where possible.

Products like our Primal Mixes are not available anywhere else in Australia.

  • Ethical & Free Range
    We promote free ranged, organic or wild produce.
  • Quality & Integrity
    Our raw food is NOT Pet mince, it is HUMAN GRADE and we refuse to use diseased or condemned produce, unlike most pet foods.
  • Variety
    We provide a range of protein sources to ensure your dog does not develop allergies after being fed the same food every day.
  • Passion & Sincerity – We are not driven by shareholders or profit margins. We genuinely care and are very passionate about the health of your pets. Our loyal customers notice the difference in smell, texture and presentation of our raw food diet.
  • Convenience – We are open 7 days a week. You can visit, call or email and we respond. Our team is always available to design and formulate a RAW plan, help you through the transition from pet food to RAW, and to answer any questions you may have. We also offer a HOME DELIVERY service as we know that life gets busy!

Our Raw Food Products

Variety, correct nutrition and quality food sources are the key to a raw food diet for dogs and cats. Our RAW food range replicates what your dog needs and what their ancestors thrived on in the wild. Our RAW range of natural, wholesome foods includes a variety of different food sources. Each delivers a unique nutritional need for dogs and cats from one convenient source. We specialise in premium quality, PRESERVATIVE FREE, raw food for dogs and cats. If you’re seeking a truly holistic, raw diet approach for your pet, our RAW range is perfect for you.

RAW Food Prices

Please note we source our produce from independent farmers and producers. Due to factors beyond our control, prices are subject to change without notification on this website.

PRIMAL RAW WILD Mix $11.00 kg/tub
PRIMAL RAW LAMB Mix $11.00 kg/tub
Venison $11.00 kg/tub
Water Buffalo $15.00 kg/tub
Salmon Frames $8.00 pack of 2
Raw Tripe  $10.00 kg/tub
Meaty Duck Necks $6.50 per pack
Duck Wings $5.00 per pack
Chicken Feet $3.50kg
Meaty Lamb Ribs $3.50 each
Meaty Lamb Shanks $8.00 pack of 2
Turkey Feet $5.50 pack of 3
Turkey Carcass $7.00 each
Lamb Head Half $4.50 each
Lamb Head Full $8.50 each