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Raw feeding dogs

We are dedicated to providing information, guidelines and quality nutrition produce for people interested in raw feeding and natural rearing of dogs.

Raw whole foods contains nutrients and enzymes in their natural state, not destroyed by chemicals or processing. It is nutrition teeming with vitamins and energy and is a complete and balanced food source of wild canids, the ancestral relatives to our pets.

We live in an era of advanced medical technology, yet so many dogs are suffering with allergies, skin issues, cancers, organ failure, obesity and illness. Why is this?

How did we get to the point where feeding a carnivorous animal “natural” became so unnatural?  Our mission is to share information on raw feeding as well as provide optimal quality raw food produce which we believe is the cornerstone of a healthy dog!.


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Variety, correct nutrition and quality food sources are the key to a healthy raw food diet for dogs and cats. Our RAW pet food range replicates what your dog needs and what their wild ancestors thrived on in the wild. Our RAW pet food range of natural wholesome foods includes a variety of different food sources, each delivers a unique, natural nutritional needs for dogs and cats from one convenient source.

Our Nutrition Philosophy

Raw feeding must be done with some degree of science to provide your dog with a complete and balanced diet. There are so many sources of information about raw feeding so we have tried to simplify the information for practical usage and summarise the key points to remember with a raw natural diet are:


Balance Over Time

one meal could have more bone content, another more meat or organ.

Appropriate Ratio

to aim for overall is 80% meat (tripe and heart forms part of meat), sinew, ligaments, fat 10% edible bone 5% liver 5% other organ meat.

Rotation of Proteins

don’t feed just one protein source day in day out.


for healthy adult dogs.

Pet Rolls

is not raw feeding.

Just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t mean your dog doesn’t NEED it! Read More

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